Friday, September 30, 2011

Anpea and Miss Mosh: Hell Babies

Apnea and Miss Mosh by Philip Warner a.k.a. Lithium Picnic.

Miss Mosh: Antiseptic Fashion

Clothing + photographer: Venus Wept, + Hair: Linh Nguyen + MUA: Elizabeth Prokopiak

Apnea and Miss Mosh: Siamese Twins

Models: Mosh & Apnea,
Siamese Corset by: Antiseptic Fashion,
Hair by: Linh Nguyen,
Production Assistance: Addicted Image
Location: Thanks to Richard from KBK
Photography by: LITHIUM PICNIC Studio,

Mish Mosh: Cyborg

Photography WinterWolf Studios Bodypainting by Aliona Hair by Hair for World Peace