Saturday, February 12, 2011

Miss Mosh: Fetish and Alternative Model

Masha Federova, better known by her online name of Mosh or Miss Mosh, is a fetish and alternative, model. She chose Mosh as her nickname after "Masha" was taken on the modeling network site modelmayhem, where she made her debut.

She was born (August 21, 1989) in Russia to parents who were part of the national gymnastics team. After the collapse of the Soviet Union they moved to Florida in the United States to work as coaches, and later to Maryland.

If life had been different, Mosh might have been somersaulting around the world as a professional gymnast. Mosh started professional gymnastics when she was five and trained for 10 years. She then moved to acrobatics and dislocated her elbow which destroyed her right arm, so she had to quit.                                       


Gymnastics’ loss is the alt scene’s gain. Like other career-minded model and Jane Doe Latex owner Nina Kate, or determined Torture Garden muse Viktoria, Mosh has achieved a great deal in a short space of time.


The headstrong 21-year-old has carved out a niche, working with photographers such as Lithium Picnic, occupying the pages of Marquis magazine and working with designers such as Antiseptic.

Mosh has a passion, and a genuine love, for fetish fashion. She speaks of it like a star-crossed lover extolling the virtues of a soul mate:

“Fetish is a beautiful thing and has inspired me to do so much,” she says. “To some it’s just sexual pleasure, but to me it’s more – it’s an art form and I feel it’s my duty to help the fetish scene to grow. I find it so incredibly inspiring and beautiful, and I hope others can feel the same.” (Bizarre Magazine: Cover Girl  Interview Dec 2010)

Mosh currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and run her own website,

Miss Mosh: Black Lace Redux

Here is the first set from the Black Lace series that Sito Alvina shoot with Miss Mosh along with designers Artifice Clothing ( Black See-through Lace ) / Doghead & Flintock ( headpiece accessories)

You can find the rest of these sets on !

Monday, February 7, 2011

HMS Bruit Blanc [White Noise]

Model: Tessa - Photographer: PhantomOrchid - Hair: Yu Nakata - Makeup: Elen Kergoat

For Autumn Winter 2011, the collection has taken a much more intense and somewhat dark approach, which gives one incredibly powerful silhouette. Futuristic elements also add the quite frankly outstanding design aesthetic.

The concept was originally inspired by the Japanese dance called Butoh, an extreme dance where the tortured body of the performer incarnates loss and fear. It is also said to provoke thought of humanity’s place within the universe.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Martin Pelzer: Capturing the Elemental Spirit of Fetish

Martin Pelzer: capturing the elemental spirit of fetish

Though he prefers to describe his style as ‘portrait photography with some fetish elements’, Berlin-based Martin Pelzer is highly regarded as a fetish photographer. Here is a gallery of typically sensual Pelzer imagery
         Alyce Noir
       Alyce Noir

                         Bloody Cherry
                         Bloody Cherry

Click this link for an interesting discuss on Martin Pelzer and his photography

Friday, February 4, 2011

Amelia Arsenic: Time for your medicine

Model: Amelia Arsenic - Photographer: Dangerously Dolly - Fashion: Lacing Lilth

Dangerously Dolly is an internationally published portrait photographer that currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Lacing Lilith is an alternative fetish clothing brand with a high-fashion, couture edge based in the United Kingdom.

Amelia Arsenic AKA Destroyx

Amelia Arsenic [Amelia Tan aka Destroyx] is an alternative model of many talents: artist, stylist, freelance graphic designer and blogger. She runs her own fashion label and is one half of the industrial cyber punk band, Angelspit.

When it comes to style, Miss Arsenic says hers is ever evolving. High heels, vintage stockings, latex and corsetry take centre stage, with preference for a palette of red, black and white.

Angelspit's music combines unique and stylistic elements of horror, gothic, punk and electronic music as well as pop and metal and their work contains imagery revolving around medical experiments and grotesque societies. Miss Arsenic whose stage name is Destroyx is responsible for vocals, distortion, art direction, and visuals.

With the rest of her time Miss Arsenic runs her fashion label called Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories, which currently has two lines in production, a makeup line and a perspex jewellery line. It’s a brand that’s not for the faint hearted as it’s for those that like their colors loud and the makeup fierce. Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories 

Miss Arsenic is also a fashion and lifestyle blogger delivering tiny doses of destruction at

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ruby True

Ruby True photographed by Julian M Kilsby

Ruby True - Model - Horsham, England, United Kingdom  

According to Style Noir Ruby True is simply one of, if not the best in the business.She  regularly appears on stage at clubs such as Torture Garden, Skin Two Rubber Ball and Festival of Sins and also on stage at international events such as German Fetish Ball and Erotica London the UK's Largest Adult Expo! Ruby True has been seen shooting and on stage with other alternative models such as Ulorin Vex and Sister Sinister. Her work has progressed in the last few years appearing in Bizarre Magazine and Marquis magazine gracing the lenses of Catherine Day and Phantom Orchid among others.  Recently a image of her won image of the year for Toni and Guy for Vince Bavetta. She has walked the catwalk at London Alternative fashion weekend and Brighton Fashion Week.  

Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Book: The Zahir - Paulo Coelho
Favourite Films: Fight Club, Girl Interrupted, Zombie Strippers
Favorite Food: Sushi, especially Salmon Sashimi
Favourite item of Fetish Clothing: 8 inch heels
Favorite Quote: “This too shall pass” and “Goth juice...the most powerful hairspray known to man.  Made from the tears of Robert Smith.” (Vince Noir)
Favorite songs: 
  • Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence, 
  • Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds,
  • Tool - Aenma
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ariel Matte PVC

 Model: Ariel - Photographer: Revel for Aesthetic Alchemy

The photos are from an April 28, 2010  photo shoot for Artifice Clothing. Ariel's outfits can be purchased from Artifice Clothing