Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lacing Lilith: Science Fiction Meets Historical Costume

Stylenoir states that "when it comes to Latex design, Lacing Lilith is one of the best. One of the elite set of designers that are bringing about a re-birth of stunning design with an undeniable passion for rubber."

Stylenoir oints out that Lacing Lilith has a very distinctive signature style. The sculptured silhouette blended with an element of punk sensibility adds a certain unique and defined quality to Lacing Lilith’s collections.

Lacing Lilith states that his inspiration and influence is amalgamated from science fiction and historical costume, which is brought to life with an exaggeration of classic fetish ideas. Something which is shown through the striking simple colour palette juxtaposed against the beautiful embellished detailing. [Lacing Lilith - Stylenoir January 16, 2011]

Models: Ruby True // Sohui
Photography: Switch Photography
MUAH: Tabitha Adams

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Andreanna D'Arc: Lady Lucifer

Model: Andreanna D’Arc
Photography: Muse Photography – www.musemultimedia.co.uk
MUA/Stylist: Kaeleigh Wallace – www.kwallacemakeup.co.uk
Clothing: Jacket – Lena Quist // Headpieces – Custom Made by Velvet Village //